PowerMax Company, a non-profit organization, building stronger communities, while providing tools, resources, and events that help educate and foster unity for our families. We are here to help families that are in need, by providing support that will strengthen families, so that home and the community are a better place to live.   PowerMax Company has 4 major initiatives that are held annually, to help strengthen families and communities.The Blended with Love Blended Family Conference that empowers families built from previous relationships with tools to make their families stronger. The Safety Awareness Community Day Event is free and open to the public, where families are able to learn safety tips and meet first time responders. This Christmas Talent Competition, where our performers, perform for a purpose, because we provide gifts to families in need for Christmas. The Blended Family Student Scholarship, is for a student in a blended family, who is in the 12th grade, will have an opportunity to be selected to receive a scholarship for college.

Our Mission

Educational, Entertaining, Empowering, bringing families together, while making stronger communities.

Investing in the lives of our children through education, to help pave the way to a successful future.

When we all come together, we are able develop communities that are stable, and provide a stronger economy.