PowerMax Enterprise Foundation, a non-profit organization, building stronger communities, while providing tools,resources, and events that help educate and foster unity for our families. PowerMax Enterprise Foundation has 4 major initiatives that are held annually, to help strengthen families and communities.The Safety Awareness Community Event that is free and open to the public, this event is an opportunity for the community to come together to learn about safety for their families and the community. We invite the local Fire Department, Crime Prevention, Emergency Management, Sheriff Department to provide Child Safety ID’s, National Capital Poison Control, Greater Prince William Community Health Center, STOMP out the Silence for Child Abuse Awareness, Missing and Exploited Children, Prince William Littles to perform Child Safety Car-Seat checks, to provide free information to those that attend. During this event, free food and non-alcoholic drinks are provided, as well as free entertainment. We invite our Congressman, Governor, and School Superintendent to come out and speak to the community about safety. We believe that having this event will bring families out to learn the best ways to keep their families aware and safe, and will help foster safer communities. This Christmas Talent Competition is a Talent Competition where our performers for this show all performed for a purpose, because we gave back to families in need by providing Christmas Gifts. In 2018 were able to help 20 families, who had 2 or more children, with gifts last Christmas. All of their children were provided gifts. Our contestants are all very talented and are winners simply because they chose to be part of an event that was about helping families in need. Although there were great prizes provided by our sponsors ( PowerMax Enterprises LLC, Cue Recording, Greenwood Photography, Who Let the Gate Open Videography, and Edible Arrangements), our contestants understood that the show was about much more than a chance to win the 1st , 2nd , or 3rd place prize. It was about coming together and making a difference in the lives of others for Christmas. The families were beyond blessed this past Christmas because we call came together for a cause far greater than the moment.

Testimonials from some of the families in need:

Thank you kindly for everything you have done for my family. I greatly appreciate it. Anonymous
If it were not for you, my children would not have had a Christmas. Last year they did not get anything. Thank you for everything.


Thank you so much for all you are doing. It’s nice to have someone when you have nothing and are going through hard times. I just
hope one day I will be in the position to do what you are doing now. It’s nice to know there are still caring people in this world that seems to be so full of negativity. You are all appreciated.
Thank you


The Step Family Blended with Love Conference, our desire is to provide a platform to discuss, bring clarity, and resolution to some of the serious challenges that blended families have, while providing tools to educate, bring unity, effective communication through the power of love to the blended family. Our goal for the conference is for families to leave empowered and prepared to embark on their new journey of togetherness with their blended family. There are 1300 blended families forming each day and over 50% of US families are remarried couples. This conference is much needed and will help assist families on this journey.

This year we have added the opportunity for a student in a Blended Family (a family consisting of a couple and their children from this and all previous relationships), who is in the 12th grade, to receive a scholarship for college. When we all come together to build the family through tools and resources, we develop communities that are safe, stable, and provide a stronger economy.